As you might have seen from the tittle of this page-- yat bur; the word yat in Acholi means tree. It also means medicine whether manufactured or traditional. And bur means wound; it therefor follows that this herb is used to treat wounds. Some African plants have no particular names but have names given to them because of what they are used for.

really good for fresh wounds
The leaves of this shrub is a fine pain killer for fresh cuts whether deep or light. The fresh leaves are crushed and applied to the cut. It gives sharp pain for 2 to 3 minutes then pain disappears. When left there, the wound may heal without any further pain unless it is disturbed. It is far better than iodine solution. This herb was introduced to our family by our paternal grandmother. It is said that she a good collection of herbs. The roots of this herb was dug crushed and applied to wounds of lepers and this was said to be very effective. When treating a leper, the leaves of the same plant would be crushed, mixed with clean water and given to the patient. If a person did not follow the instruction and took a large quantity, there was fear of the person either having a lot of watery stool or would even die. For this reason, my granny administered it herself or left it to her trained apprentice.