Tute Traders belongs to Mwaka Geoffrey 36 of Lacor Centre in Gulu Municipality. Mwaka said he left school while in senior one. He embarked on agriculture to keep him going. From the income of farming he opened a hostelexternal image arrow-10x10.png for students. It is from profits made by the hostelexternal image arrow-10x10.png that he opened this shop. The hostel is still there. Geoffrey says he believes in development. He hates being stagnant. His aim to keeping on going ahead.

He chose this business among others on the claim that it does not demand too much travelling. He also says he needs to stay near his home and this kind of business fits it. He has been in this business for 4 years and claims to have some expertise in it. He is a self trained person in the field. He enjoys being a sole proprietor with reasons that he decision make is fast with no one else to consult. Accountability of all transactions done can be be accessed with ease.

Goeffrey likes the social setting of his location. The people around are fairly well-to-do people. The population is thick. Being near a main hospital, there are always customers throughout the year with minor periods of 'drought.' The economic environment of this location is also favourable--- with many government and other employees, business in this location is profiting.

Geoffrey has not yet advanced to the level of advertising his business using radio or T.V. He does not have a sign post or flyer. He gets new customers as they walk by.