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--2014 CE3 Phase I Project Report highlights

--a 2013 Wikispaces Blog post: Latifah's story

--Sept 2012: BOSCO partners with the University of Notre Dame, Educate!, 31 Lengths Campaign in Accenture-funded smart electrification/entrepreneurial training/global connectivity project

--from Notre Dame Magazine, Summer 2011

--April/June 2010 I-Network Newsletter: Google and Global Voices Award BOSCO-Uganda

--Nov 20, 2009 from "this" magazine:
A Web 2.0 strategy for boosting literacy in Uganda

--Sept 27, 2009 BOSCO Wikispace profile in Wikispaces' monthly newsletter

--Sept 25, 2009 from "this" magazine:
Four tech startups that are transforming African development

--Sept 2009 Newsletter from our partner HorizonT3000

--March 23, 2009 from ICT4Uganda
and a June 5, 2009 update after a site visit

--March 19, 2009 from our partner Inveneo
Inveneo manufactures the low power workstations used in the the BOSCO network. From the video supporting text: "This short film, edited by Drew Davidson, shows the impact Inveneo is having in Africa. The Africa footage was shot in Uganda (Kampala, Gulu, Pabo, and Unyama) and Rwanda (Muhura)." Footage from Gulu, Pabo and Unyama is of BOSCO network users.

--Sept 2, 2008 from Soul Beat Africa

--August 14, 2008 from Toward Freedom

--June 2008 from ICT Update

--July 12, 2007 from Reuters

--April 17, 2007 from Inveneo

--April 3, 2007, from New Vision

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