Anna Kitara is 60 years old. She took to business after the death of her husband. As she was not qualified for any employment and did not have enough land for cultivation, she could do nothing but come to the market. She went to school and stopped in primary seven. During her time girls were not allowed to go to school so she was not allowed to go beyond that.


Her mosst valued item for sale is millet flour.


Anna sells a lot of interesting things. Clay pots and bowls, , Wooden bowls as seen right of the picture above make her stock.
She is also a merchant of baskets made from palm leaf reeds, winnowers made from the same reeds.


She also sell some handicrafts ---- some wooden sculptures of birds and animals.

She is also a merchant of traditional weapons. Bows and arrows, and pieces of wood shaped for cooking.
arrows were out of stock at the time of the interview.

The social environment of this business is very favourable for the old lady. Most of the items she sells are make part of the Acholi Cultural heritage. Her itmes are a pride to us because it reminds us of where we belong. The economic environment is equally good for this business to thrive.

Anna has competitors but they are ' no match to me; as she said. This is because she has a good deal of experience, has won for herself many customers and her gentle character makes her the choice of many. Even if she is that old ( 60 years ), she believes her business will advance. She hopes tp train one of her children still at school to take over from her. She has no need for a computer of the internet for her business because according to her her ' new development for younger people.' She however uses a phone. All herexternal image arrow-10x10.png are local. Anna says she she rarely seeks business advice. She now relies on her vast experience to solve business matters.

Anna;s business record keeping is not consistent. She claims tired at the end of everyday makes her unable to keep her record books up-to- date. She laments her abscence during the record keeping session during their training with BOSCO Uganda. She does not have a Business Plan or a stated Mission Statement for her business. She says she invests her profits in a SACCO ( Savings And Credit Co-operative ) orgised by the market vendors. She also uses part of the profits for paying fees and doing some cultivation. Anna does not have permanet employees. She ahs casual labourers whom she employes to winnow and make clean millet she buys. They also take the millet for milling.

Anna has customers from various groups of people. Some are tourists, foreigners cultural leaders, traditionalists, restaurant owners who specialise in local dishes come for millet flour schools and institutis.ons. People who need guards armed with bows and arrows, and many others. Some of these customers are permanent like thees schools. Anna does not have any ethical issues to deal with in her business. Being sole , she manages her business almost autocratically.

She ahs the following main challenges:
  • high taxation from the municipal council
  • fees payments for her children
  • high price of millet that rarely goes down.
The only option for her to keep on is to update her pricing as the price of millet dictates.he is all the same optimistic that her business will keep on keeping on