Pabo Pagak Lacor CTC Mapping home pagesWelcome to the BOSCO C2C Water Quality Mapping Project!
March 18, 2010 Mapping Training Session at Pagak ICT Center

This is a pilot project exploring uses of intelligent mapping for education and other purposes. We are exploring the use of Google Forms and Spreadsheets for inputting data, including URLs of photos and written descriptions on a Wikispaces page, to automatically generate maps that organize and present that data. Classroom-to-classroom water quality mapping will be our earliest use of this technology, but the technology will be built for other uses as well. See our classroom-to-classroom wiki for more about the kinds of collaboration we'd like to see happen among student groups. As these maps become useful, we'll embed them on the wiki Maps page!

Form for Participants

The Data

The Map

NOTICE: the data contained in this map and the wiki pages linked from it are for student demonstration purposes only at this time; collection instruments have not been properly calibrated and measurements have not been repeated.

Posting a site description

Just create a wiki page using the "New Page" link near the opt of the navigation bar to the left. (More instructions will be posted soon.)

Posting images to Flickr

We will create a folder on the BOSCO computer where you can place an image downloaded from a camera. Those images will be gathered and bulk uploaded to Flickr during less busy times for the computer network. It would help if you would name your picture with the same short description of your site that you will enter in the form above...that will make it easier to find the right picture on Flickr when it comes time to enter your information in the form above.

Getting the Flickr URL

Flickr_URL_for_external_images_in_wikispaces.pngFrom the Flickr photo page where your image is uploaded, Choose the "Share This" box. (See the image to the right as an example.) DO NOT GRAB THE LINK in the way they indicate. Instead, GRAB THE HTML, and choose just the image name (ending always with .jpg) as highlighted in blue, below. That's the Flickr URL you use in the Mapping form, above.