The traditional Acholi used a small species of calabash with a long handle for scooping sauce from the pot the way people use a ladle today--- this calabash substituted the ladle.

like tis but vertically cut open
like tis but vertically cut open

This plant called agwadeko pa oyo is a a herbaceous plant with small fruits similar to the calabash used as a ladle, but much smaller. Oyo is the Acholi word for rat. This name is therefor a mockery for rats --- that is they use this cut out plant to scoop their sauce from their pots----- as if rats have any sauce or pots!!!

the fruit

Believe you me; the leaves of this herb can do tremendous wonders in healing broken bones, correcting dislocations ans healing sprains. As for fractures, this excludes compound fractures and has been used for fractures on the limbs.

The leaves have some sticky property when crushed. The crushed leaves are pasted on the affected part of the limb. It sticks there for days or weeks. This is like a limb circumferentially casted by a doctor!!!! It works and works so well.