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BOSCO (Battery Operated Systems for Community Outreach) is an
effort to bring internet connectivity, VoIP phone service and web 2.0 collaboration training to former Internally Displaced Persons camps in Northern Uganda, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Gulu.

Announcements from BOSCO-Uganda:

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  • BOSCO is honored to have received the Breaking Borders Award in the technology category.
  • Click image for more details.Breaking_Borders.png

  • BOSCO encourages site visitors to check out the User Profile for the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary in Lacor
  • BOSCO is promoting Learning About Living. The site provides users with games, questions and exercises designed for teachers and youth. BOSCO would like to encourage all users to learn about goal setting, HIV/AIDS, relationships and more. The website is an educational tool which even provides teachers with exercises for use in class.
  • Please visit the BOSCO Classroom-to-Classroom Water Quality Mapping Project and see what students have been working on!
  • Check out some videos and photographs from the early days of BOSCO-Uganda!

Recent updates from the BOSCO-Uganda blogs:

BOSCO Uganda
  • BOSCO Uganda Expands it’s Connectivity in Acholi & Lango Sub region by Daniel Komakech Feb 7, 2017
    2017 being a new year unpacked internet/ intranet access to new villages in Acholi and Lango Sub region.  This opportunity came under new partnership between BOSCO Uganda and FIRE AFRICA (http://www.fireafrica.org), one of Africa’s leading Grants and Awards programmes designed to encourage, support and...
  • Essay on Dangers of Alcoholism and Measures against Alcoholism-Geoffrey Ojok-Peace Together Uganda-Pajule by Daniel Komakech Jan 9, 2017
    Alcoholism is a broad term for any drinking of alcohol that results in problems. It was previously divided into two types; alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse is the repeated use of alcohol despite recurrent adverse consequences and alcohol dependence is alcohol abuse combine with tolerance, withdrawal...
  • Essay on Globalization brought about by ICT by Jane Margaret Adong-Gwokke Keni PHAs & OVCs-Patongo by Daniel Komakech Jan 9, 2017
    Globalization is the process of international integrations arising from the interchange of world ideas, products, views and other aspects of culture. Advances in transport like steam locomotives steamship, jet engine, container ships and in telecommunication infrastructure, a rise in telegrams and it offspring like mo...
  • BOSCO Uganda held the 3rd and 4th Advocacy meeting with Stakeholders in Kitgum and Lamwo & Radio Talkshow at 103 Tembo FM by Daniel Komakech Dec 21, 2016
    On Thursday 15th December 2016, BOSCO Uganda held an advocacy workshop meeting with Stakeholders in Kitgum District at COW Foundation to have a collective responsibility over the different ICT Centres. During the Advocacy meeting where 14 (1F and 13M) Stakeholders participated, Kitgum Matidi Sub County LC III Mr. Oket...
  • Practical Hands On; a Life Skill to takes heads on by Robert Komakech Dec 14, 2016
    Networks, Innovative ideas, Smart Solution in revamping avenues of incomes, improving livelihoods and attaining sustainable development formed the discussion in the two days event. BOSCO Uganda gives thanks to Accenture Foundation, University of Notre Dame, Educate! and other implementing partners in holding tight Con...

The History of BOSCO-Uganda:

Kit MA BOSCO-Uganda Ocake Kwede

Twenty years of conflict and displacement have isolated the people of Northern Uganda from the technological developments rapidly evolving in their own country and throughout the world. This isolation and lack of access to 21st century Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has prevented communities from using the Internet for creative and innovative ways to meet community needs.

Instead, many communities have become reliant on traditional aid. However, today, with peace in Northern Uganda, BOSCO-Uganda believes that we can begin to turn dependency into self-advocacy through the use of innovative and collaborative ICT technologies.

Initiated in 2006 under the umbrella of Gulu Archdiocese, BOSCO Uganda has been implementing a pilot ICT project in 6 IDP-camps in Gulu and Amuru district (including Coo Pe, Unyama, Lacor, Pagak, Pabbo and Jengari). After the successful implementation of Phase I, BOSCO Uganda is currently expanding its activities in Amuru and Gulu and planning the further expansion to Kitgum and Pader Districts.

BOSCO-Uganda uses innovative technology particularly adapted to rural regions. Its internet stations, situated in rural communities and former internally displaced persons camps, consist of low-power, solar powered PCs connected to a high-speed, long-range WiFi Internet connection. Each communication station is linked to other BOSCO sites via a free VoIP telephony network and through a high-speed internal network (INTRANET) content management page.

Moving beyond the provision of technical solutions, BOSCO will be concentrating on the development of both proven and emerging directions for ICT usage. These directions include computer education adapted to the realities of 21st Century global interconnectivity and a Web 2.0 collaborative approach to cooperation with health centres, e-agriculture, educational outreach, e-government, etc.

For more information on BOSCO-Uganda visit the BOSCO Mission Current Programming Page and the BOSCO Strategic Plan Page.

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