mother ABONYO

mother ALUM

mother AMULA

father AGOLA

father AJIMU


mother LAKO

father ACIBO

mothe CUKURU

father GANGO

mother Not Known

father ONGUKA

father MORUJAN

Oloya Albriko is 77 years old .He come from Akako clan in Lamogi sub-county.He says his for fathers came into Uganda from South Sudan. He is not sure of the person who led the clan but he said the group crossed into Uganda from Kitgum side. It if from Kitgum that a leader called Murujan led the groupto Palaro in present day Gulu district. This Murujan was also a soldier working for the Arabs. These Arabs were called in Acholi Munu Zedia. It is most probable that these were agent of the Khedive of Egyprt. From Palaro they moved north-west to Go in Adjumani then to Girimu before going to got Ojigo where they were later joined by Pagoro clan.Mr. Oloya says people of Toro clan also came and found them at Ojigo. He calims that his ancestors were physicians. They were especially good at opening abscess. To cut open a hard object is called "kako" it is from this verb that their visitors, Toro people and Pagoro people name tha "Akako"

The Akako people lived together with Toro people. They surrendered their chiefdom to Toro and began to pay allegiance to the Toro chief. Mr. Oloya said his grandfather was among the people relocated to Gulu by the British because of Small Pox and Sleeping Sickness. In the early 1920s people were allowed to return but not to move more that 30 kilometres from Gulu town.